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This course contains two three hour courses equaling to 6 hours of education, important notices, and instructions. Course will be available for two weeks upon purchase.

Within a minute or so of each video course you will be prompted to enter your professional name and email address. You must enter this information to receive credit for the course(s).

You will not receive credit if this is not entered.

SC licensed professionals:  Within the video courses there will also be a pop up question that needs to be answered to receive credit and to continue with video. This is a requirement of SC Board of Cosmetology. 

You must watch both videos in order and its entirety to receive credit. Please know that video progress is monitored and reported to Excel Continuing Education. 

We ask that you don't walk away from the course but instead pause the course if you need to take a small break. The prompted questions need to be answered to receive credit and to continue with the course. 

-If you log out from the course log back in (Log In tab is located on the Home page) using the membership information you entered when you joined Excel Continuing Education. Click on the Return To Purchased Courses also located on the Home page and select the course you purchased to continue watching. We do have auto resume in place to pick up where you left off if you was to log out, however this feature cannot be guaranteed due to your computer's setup, cache, cookies setup and internet strength quality. Due to those reasons the course may start over. Please do not call if this happens.

We suggest strongly that you only pause the course if you need to take a small break. Logging out may restart the course. We also suggest you allot 3 continuous hours of time to watch each course. 

-If the video appears choppy lower the quality of the video to 360 (if available). Click on the Gear icon on the video player to do so. You can also switch browsers.

This also depends on the strength of your internet connection. 

When you are finished with the first online video course  move on to the second online video course. 

Once both courses are complete you will automatically be directed to the Required Forms page.  You must fill out the forms completely and correctly.

Please fill out the forms the exact way your name is listed on your professional license. Forms are electronic and do not need to be printed. Please submit both forms. You will receive an email for each form submitted stating that Excel Continuing Education received your forms. Once submitted Excel will process your information and will submit your information to the University of South Carolina. USC will process your information and will send you a certificate of completion to the address listed. USC will then send your information to the board of Cosmetology/LLR  (if you are licensed in the state of SC otherwise it will be kept on file for future reference). This process can take up to 21 days. This is standard procedure for both online and onsite classes. 

SC licensed professionals-If the information is wrong and doesn't match your license exactly as it appears on your license it will be rejected by Excel Continuing Education and the University of South Carolina. They are no longer accepting applications for certificates with wrong, or misspelled information.

SC licensed professionals  If your name isn't as it appears on required forms the way it is listed on 

LLR's site or records you will be charged a reprocessing fee of $25.00. For your convenience we have a tab at the bottom of all pages of the site so that you can look up your license information that is listed with LLR. 

You will not receive your hours of continuing education unless the fee is paid. You will also

be notified of this matter.

Remember, it is your responsibility to provide the correct information to all CEU providers.

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