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SC Estheticians Online Course

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You must watch both videos in order and its entirety to receive credit. Please know that your video progress is monitored and reported to Excel Continuing Education.

Please have your volume turned on and up. Requirements and instructions will be in audio form at the beginning of course 1 (below). Please listen carefully. *Typed requirements and instructions: 


Click on the Play arrow then click on the video to start the courses. 

Please read and scroll the entire page

We strongly suggest that you only pause the course if you need to take a small break. Logging out may restart the course due to your computer's set up. We also suggest you allot 3 continuous hours of time to watch each course.

If video(s) buffers: Video buffering is due to your computer's set up and inconsistency of your internet and or bandwidth. Doing the following may help with buffering:

1. Lower the quality by clicking on the gear icon on the video play bar. 

2.Switch browsers; Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox. Switching browsers; exiting out of course may restart the video course. 

3. Switch to your mobile device. 


Course 1 of 2    

Course 2 of 2                        You will be  asked to enter your professional name and email address within a minute and 45 seconds of the start of course 2. You will also be asked a pop up question later in the course. Please be sure Pop Ups are enabled (not blocked) for course 2 on your computer's settings. This will allow the required forms to automatically appear at the end of the course. Pause the course if you need to take a break. If the video skips lower the quality by clicking on the gear icon. Also check your internet connection. 

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