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3 Extensions Techniques Using Micro Links/Beads

Using Regular Wefted Hair. No Special Hair Needed!

Includes a Bonus Technique & Certificate

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This course is now being offered for only $129 (Limited Time Offer) 
Includes Certificate of Completion (once purchased certificate will be emailed)

  • Learn 4 ways of applying micro links with step by step instruction using regular wefted hair extensions. No special hair needed!

  • Learn what tools are needed for micro links.

  • Learn who is a good candidate for these techniques.

  • Learn about placement of micro links.

  • Learn how to create seamless and undetectable micro links extensions.

  • Learn what type of hair extensions hair to use.


  • Learn starting rates to charge your clients.

  • Course shows step by step and close up instruction of all techniques.

  • Easy to follow along when practicing because you can pause and rewind course.

  • Includes Amazon links to purchase tools below for your convenience. 


  • Learn how to remove links.

  • Now, you can can educate and accelerate your career in the comfort of your home and or salon. This course is easy to follow with step by step instructions. 

You will also receive a certificate of completion via email. Now your colleagues and customers will know you are a trained expert on this trendy  and unique way of doing extensions.


 Stylists have traveled across the states paying up $1500 to learn these techniques.

This course is now being offered for  only $129 (Limited Time Offer)

These techniques are also known as Micro Link Extensions, Hand Tied Extensions, Invisible Extensions, NBR, and Beaded Row extensions.


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Tools Used:

Clicking on the image will take you to Amazon's site. 

Weaving Beader/loop


Various Colored Beaded without Silicone inserts (as shown in video course)

Beading Kit


Bead Remover

Beading Pliers

71fmhn8EKKL._SL1500_ (1).jpg

Hook Needle Kit etc. 

Black Spool of Weaving Thread