All Excel's Online Courses are full of information and vivid step by steps. You don't have to worry about online courses full of chapter reading or recordings from the back of a classroom.

All Courses are professionally recorded and edited exclusively for online learning.  

Sc Cosmetology CEU 6 hour consists of the following:

Makeup Basics & The Business of Makeup

This lesson is a great for someone starting a career in makeup or someone who is just in need of a refresher course. First, you will learn the business of makeup and how to build a complete makeup kit. Next you will learn how to apply makeup flawlessly to your client . This full color, step by step, easy to follow along lesson will showcase a makeover from beginning to end. This video will also show how to clean your makeup brushes and makeup. You will definitely be able to add to your menu of services once completing this course.

2 hours 1 minute

Eyebrow Waxing & Fill In

Gain client trust and loyalty with this step by step lesson. Tired of offering a boring eyebrow shapes to your clients? If so, this is a great lesson for you. Learn how to properly measure eyebrows for precise shaping. This video will also show you proper eyebrow waxing and fill in using an eyebrow pencil.

11 minutes 18 seconds 

Extensions Using Micro Links & Commercial Hair

Keep your clients asking for more with this easy step by step, follow along extension tutorial. This course will show how to combine micro links and commercial hair to create undetectable extensions. This method will allow you to add another service to your menu and earn more income.

24 Minutes 32 seconds

The required 3 hours of Sanitation, Health and Safety for Cosmetology are demonstrated and discussed throughout the online video courses.

All Excel's online courses have been approved by the State Board of Cosmetology and are certified by The University of South Carolina.  

Excel Continuing Education online courses are full of information, tips and tutorials.These full color, easy to follow courses will help you in furthering your career in the beauty industry. Earn more income and confidence with Excel courses. Instructor Angie Ravenel shares her expertise with you in an informative and exciting way. Now you can learn in the comfort of your own home and or salon. Online CEU courses are are always available 24 hours a day 7 days a week!  All classes have been approved by  South Carolina State board of  Cosmetology and the University of South Carolina.

The Six Hour Cosmetology Online Course Consist Of the Following....

  • 14 Tips to Success In the Beauty Industry 

    This course will give you the most important things you should start doing to get closer to success in the beauty industry. A must see!

    21 minutes 33 Seconds

  • Dimensional Makeup Application with a Glowing Finish

    Now that you have the basics of makeup down packed its time to build dimensions in the face by doing highlighting and contouring. This step by step,easy to follow along course will help you give the looks your clients desire. You will also learn how to achieve that J-Lo glow.

    51 Minutes 23 seconds

  • Various Curls Using Your Flat Iron

    Curls and more curls. Learn how to use your flat iron to create various curls including the infamous wave. Now you can give your client, bride or prom queen the look they desire without hesitation. Step by step and easy follow along course. 

    24 Minutes 57 Seconds

Easy Layered Bob Haircut

The Bob Haircut is here to stay, and  its not going anywhere.This step by step course will demonstrate a no fail way to give your clients that sassy layered bob haircut they desire. 

36 Minutes 24 Seconds

10 Business Card Mistakes

Everyone in business needs professional business cards. No matter how big the digital areana becomes you still need to network with enticing business cards. This course will teach  you the do's and don'ts of creating a successful card for you and your business. Remember, you only have seconds to make a lasting first impression. 

17 Minutes 50 Seconds


Disinfectant and Sanitation

We have to protect ourselves and our clients in the beauty industry. This easy to follow refresher course of sanitizing and disinfecting will do just that. 

10 Minutes 34 Seconds

Straightening Natural/Curly Hair

Don't turn away those natural/curly hair clients anymore. This course will show you how to manage, gain control and straighten natural/curly hair successfully, using the least amount of products and tension. This technique can be used on all types of curly/wavy hair.

40 Minutes 55 Seconds