All Virtual CEU classes will be treated as if you are in a classroom. Rules will apply. 

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Pandemic UpdatesVirtual & Online
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Must Listen: CE Pandemic Updates

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All In person CE classes will be virtual for the remainder of 2020 due to Covid 19. All virtual classes are 6 hours. 

All virtual classes will count as an in person class. You can still receive 6 hours ONLINE with Excel's online courses. For example: you can attend a virtual class and purchase an online class to achieve 12 hours of continuing education.  


All CE classes listed have been approved by SC & DC board of cosmetology. All  certificates of completion will come from
The University of South Carolina. 
Washington, DC and South Carolina
Beauty Professionals

Excel's Gallery

All Excel's online courses are full of information and vivid step by steps. You don't have to worry about online courses full of chapter reading or recordings from the back of a classroom.

All courses are professionally recorded and edited exclusively for online learning.

Excel offers online and virtual courses for South Carolina &Washington, DC   Nail Technicians, Estheticians, Cosmetologists and Barbers.  

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"I've never attended a class that utilizes time so efficiently."

"The cosmetology class was so informative and inspiring. I will be back."

"She was professional and friendly. I'll definitely be back for next renewal. Cant wait for her educational program's growth in 2020."

"Great cost  for all the things I've learned in 6 hours online!"

"I just want to say it truly
was the best CEU I've ever attended in many years of classes."

"The classroom auditorium was wonderful, visual displays were amazing. I walked away knowledgeable, and inspired to do more with my career."

"One of the best classes I have taken in a long while! Kept my attention the entire time"