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We at Excel Continuing Education believe that learning is a priority. Excel Continuing Education was founded by Angie Ravenel in 2017.

Angie Ravenel has been in the beauty industry for twenty plus years. Along with being a sought after stylists she is also an author, educator, makeup artist, salon owner, product manufacturer and  photographer. Angie has traveled the states educating and networking with fellow hair stylist and saw the need to create her own educational platform.  


Excel Continuing Education offers professional, exciting, informative and inspiring classes to the beauty industry.  

Classes will consists of trendy haircuts, color, trichology, marketing, branding and more.

Excel offers online  CE courses for the State of South Carolina and Washington DC. Onsite/live  classes are offered for South Carolina beauty professionals. 

Online courses are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week!  

All Excel's online courses are full of information and vivid step by steps. You don't have to worry about online courses full of chapter reading or recordings from the back of a classroom.

All Courses are professionally recorded and edited exclusively for online learning.  Angie Ravenel has gathered her years of knowledge in the beauty industry and is now sharing them with other beauty professionals in the most positive and informative way possible.  

Excel Continuing Education believes coming together in the beauty industry as a whole will only make us all EXCEL..

Angie Ravenel

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