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Excel Continuing Education, established in 2017 by Angie Ravenel, reflects a commitment to lifelong learning. Angie, a veteran in the beauty industry for over 30 years, is not only an acclaimed stylist but also an accomplished author, educator, makeup artist, salon owner, product manufacturer, and photographer. Her journey, marked by extensive travels and networking with fellow hairstylists across the United States, fueled her inspiration to create a unique educational platform.

At Excel Continuing Education, we specialize in offering professional, engaging, and insightful classes designed to empower the beauty industry. Our comprehensive curriculum covers a range of topics including trendy haircuts, color techniques, trichology, marketing, branding, and crucially, required CE courses like sanitation and disinfection.

Adapting to the evolving needs of the industry, we now exclusively offer online CE courses for beauty professionals in South Carolina and Washington D.C. These courses are available 24/7, providing the utmost convenience for continuous learning.

Our online courses stand out due to their informative, detailed content and step-by-step guidance, devoid of unengaging chapter readings or passive recordings. These courses are professionally recorded and edited, specifically optimized for online learning. Angie Ravenel brings her wealth of knowledge and experience in the beauty industry to these courses, sharing them in the most positive and informative manner possible.

Excel Continuing Education believes in uniting the beauty industry, fostering a community where everyone can excel together.

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