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Browser Troubleshooting Steps

If you are experiencing unexpected behavior with your course it may be browser related. Make sure to check out the basic browser troubleshooting steps below.

Course freezing, starting over, not advancing forward etc.

  1. Make sure you are using a supported browser and that your browser is up to date ( Google Chrome).

  2. Refresh your cache and restart your browser. This is often all you need to resolve basic issues!

  3. Try accessing your site in a Private or Incognito window, like Chrome's Incognito Mode, or Firefox's Private Window. This opens a fresh browser window without any extensions or settings blocking your content.

    • If you are opening the page from a bookmark, try opening it by finding the page directly instead. In some cases, if a page has been updated since it was bookmarked, you may see an error when you attempt to load the bookmarked page.

  4. Try out a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc). Sometimes the issue can be browser specific.

  5. Try disabling your browser extensions to see if there is a conflict

    • Sometimes, services like pop-up and/or ad-blockers may cause issues when viewing the site. In rare cases, anti-virus software may also contribute to issues viewing Thinkific. If this happens to you, please follow the steps under "what's next" to reach out and let us know!

  6. Try a different device or computer (mobile phone, tablet, PC/Mac laptop/desktop, etc.). It is rare, but sometimes a certain device has trouble with a content type.

  7. Restart your device

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