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Hair Salon


Are you getting frizzy results after round brushing?

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Are you tired of turning away clients because you don't know how to round brush curly hair. 

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Do you want to take your skills to another level?

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Master Round Brushing
Includes Tools, Products Used, Step by Step Instruction, Styling and Certificate of Completion


I loved this course. I already was doing round brushing but now I have gotten better! 

C. Woods Rodchester, New york 

This is exactly what I needed for my clients. Very informative. 

N. Simmons Charlotte, NC

After taking this course I am more confident with handling round brushing. 

B. Capers , New Orleans 

I also use Excel. She is so informative. 

A.  Wilkerson Charleston, SC 

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You Will Learn the Folllowing:

  • This online course will demonstrate how to round brush on curly and straight hair. 

  • Follow along: This course shows step by step and close up instructions and demonstrations.

  • Learn how to hold your tools properly. 

  • Learn how to smooth, shape and grip hair properly while round brushing.

  • If you are having problems controlling hair while round brushing this is the course for you.  

  • Learn what tools and products to use to achieve premium results. 

  • Easy to follow along when practicing because you can pause and rewind course.Watch at your convenience and your learning pace.

  • Includes  links to purchase tools .

  • Now, you can can gain education and accelerate your career in the comfort of your home and or salon.

  • You will automatically receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. No wait time. Its downloadable and printable with your name.


  • Now your colleagues and customers will know you are a trained expert on proper round brushing. 

This course is now being offered for  only $77 Limited Time Offer) Valued @ $197

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One hour and 15 minutes of instruction and demonstration. 

At the end of the course you will automatically receive a certification of completion with your name. Ready for downloading  and printing. No wait. 

Learn the do's and don'ts of round brushing curly and or straight hair. 

Eay to follow, full of color and closeups. Taught by an Instructor of Cosmetology. 

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