Where do I send my credentials to complete my Zoom CE registration? Please send credentials to excelregister@gmail.com 

This email is for registration purposes only. If you have an inquiry please use contact. 

How to Start Your CE Video Course?


Be sure you are logged in. If so, you will see "Hello" at the top of the screen. 


A dropdown should appear. Click on the course you purchased. 


Be sure you are logged in. If so, you will see "Hello" at the top of the  screen. Be sure you only click on the course you purchased. If not, it will take you back to the  payment page.  


This should open up to the course you purchased.

Thank you for choosing Excel Continuing Education. Professional form must be filled in using all capital letters. 

Troubleshoot CE Online Course 

If your video stops and start over. Please refresh your page, wait 2-3 minutes to press play (do not press anything). This will allow your computer a chance to catch up to where you were. Also, try the plus thirty seconds button. You must allow your computer time  to catch up to where you left off. 


If the video course won't play after clicking the pink colored play button please change browsers. We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  Online CE courses are not compatible with Safari and Internet Explorer.


If the video course won't play:

It is very important to make sure your device is updated especially tablets. 

Also, sign out and sign back in so the system can refresh. 


The form at the beginning of the course must be filled in using all capital letters (everything must be filled in

with capital letters). No exceptions.

Professional Form Won't Submit

Your online will be processed by Excel and forwarded to the University of South Carolina.

USC will process your hours and send you a certificate of completion to the address you provided. Next, they will forward your updated information to LLR. LLR will process your information and update their records/site with your updated hours. This is standard procedure for all CE providers. 


If you would like to check on the progress of your certificate please call The University of South Carolina @ 1-803-777-9440. 


Once USC have received your updated information we at Excel have done what we are required to do; provide continuing education for license renewal, process your updated information and forward your updated information to The University of South Carolina. 


Also, LLR sent out an email to all licensees stating if you do not see your hours on the site you can do a mail in renewal application with the requested fee and to make sure it is postmarked prior to the expiration date of your license. That way you won't be considered late.


 Hope this helps. If you need anything more please let us know. Thank you for choosing Excel Continuing Education. 

What happens once I complete my online or Zoom course?