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    You will have access to your online CE course(s) for two weeks upon purchase date.

Online courses are self paced. You will be able to pause courses if you need to take a break. EXCEL does not have control of your internet, wifi, broadband, connection or browser services and capabilities. 

Courses are able to be viewed on mobile devices. 

 Important Online Courses Information

  • All courses are approved by SC Stateboard of Cosmetology/ LLR & Washington, DC Board of Cosmetology.

  • CE courses are certified by the University of South Carolina & Excel Continuing Education.

  • All SC Courses covers required safety, sanitation and health. 

  • Washington DC courses covers required safety, sanitation, health and electives. 

  • South Carolina you must complete a total of 4 hours of continuing education during a two year license period. 

  • Washington, DC You must complete a total of 6 hours of continuing education during a two year license period. 

  • Know that all of the hours needed for license renewal can be done online.

SC: What to Expect After Completion of Course

  • When you complete your course, Excel will process, format and forward your continuing hours to The University of South Carolina. 

  • USC will process your hours and send you a certificate of completion to the address you provided.

  • Next, USC will forward your updated information to LLR. LLR will process your information and update their records/site with your updated hours. This is standard procedure for all CE providers and CE courses. 

  • Please know each process from all entities involved does take time and is not immediate as stated by the board of cosmetology.

  • If you would like to check on the progress of your certificate please call The University of South Carolina @ 1-803-777-9440. 

Washington DC : What to Expect After Completion of Course

At the end of course you will be able to download your certificate. ​

You will also receive a certificate in the mail. 

How to Start/Restart Your CE Video Course?

After purchasing your course it will be readily available to you instantly (It will say start course).

If you need restart your course after logging out please follow these directions:

From the homepage click on Go To My Purchased Courses. A drop down of choices will appear. 

Click on the course your purchased.


Enter your email address if prompted to.

Now you are on your course page.


To check your progress please check your dashboard. The dashboard will show you the same updated information we have on file. 

It's no need to contact us if you have completed the course and the dashboard is showing 100% complete. Thank you. 

Notice from The South Carolina Board of Cosmetology

The South Carolina Board of Cosmetology proposes to amend R.35-23 and 35-24 regarding continuing education and continuing education programs. Specifically, as to R.35-23, the Board proposes to reduce the continuing education requirements for cosmetologists, nail technicians and estheticians from 12 hours biennially to 4 hours biennially and to establish the subjects in which continuing education should be obtained to ensure the health and safety of the public: board laws and regulations, client safety, and/or infection control to include sanitation and disinfection. Additionally, the Board proposes to reduce the continuing education requirements for instructors from 12 hours biennially to 4 hours biennially. The Board further proposes to allow the continuing education hours to be obtained in-person or online. As to R.35-24, the Board proposes clarifying the requirements for continuing education programs, establishing guidance for in-person and online course offerings. The Board additionally establishes requirements to ensure continuing education participants’ identities are confirmed and that they receive credit for their attendance at approved courses.

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