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Excel Continuing Education was founded by 30-year veteran stylist Angie Ravenel, creator of Quick Clean Hair Mist and the ARavenel luxury hair product line. Getting a rough start in life, the wife, mother, and serial entrepreneur never imagined she'd experience the kind of success she's had in business and life. As they say, "She believed she could, so she did." Ravenel has handcrafted a life she loves, and now, she wants to share her knowledge so that you, too, can live out your dreams. 


She started instructing in Cosmetology, but after fifteen years, Ravenel is an online content creation expert and a firm believer that you benefit more from teaching others than keeping valuable information to yourself. Excel Continuing Education previously only offered courses for beauty professionals for license renewal in South Carolina and Washington, DC, but now offers classes for the general public. The latest installment, "Create a Winning Online Course," is helping others to create and monetize their course in any niche. 


"Create a Winning Online Course" provides step-by-step instructions on creating a course that makes it easy for anyone to share your expertise with the masses, monetize your course and scale profits. 


"I have serviced thousands of satisfied individuals who desired to learn and grow their careers in the beauty industry," says Ravenel. "But whether you're a baker, financial consultant, or specialize in stocks, cryptocurrency, or whatever your niche, this proven system I have created works!


Developing online courses has allowed me to close my salon, which means no more standing for hours and working long hours, to create a comfortable life for myself.

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"I've always been told that I am so driven and determined".

Is this you?


Are you tired of giving away your knowledge for free because you don't

have a platform to send them to?

Do you have a hobby that alot of people are noticing? 

Are you known to be a skilled expert in a certain niche?  

Are you ready to move forward?

Are you ready to create a winning online course?

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